Natural Wonders Health, LLC

My adventures of experimenting with nature’s wonders began when my son started to have severe joint pains and migraine headaches towards the end of his high school career. We went to seek help from doctors around our area but nobody had a solution to the problems that my son was having. At the time, we just wanted a pill that could solve the problem; unfortunately, pills only hide the problem or make it worse. One pill made my son much sicker. We decided to try out a Holistic doctor and began to realize that the issues derived from SAD (Standard American Diet). I had been feeding my kids boxed foods and drinks due to our low budget that was available to spend on food. I never realized how much of an impact that it made on my entire family. Within a couple years of one of my son being sick, my other son started to have problems, as well as myself. We quickly changed all of our eating habits and began to see real change in the health and energy from each of the family members. We all see positive changes in different aspects of our lives, which makes us happier, healthier people.

I am a Nutritional Counselor, Health Specialist and Master Herbalist. It would be my pleasure to be able to help you achieve your health goals and to give you that wonderful life you deserve.